Protect your interests by supporting farm-friendly candidates who can make a difference in Olympia that will be felt in WASHINGTON!

Political advocacy is something many of us think we can never get involved in; the Washington Wheat PAC is out to change that.

The Washington Wheat PAC is a non-partisan political action committee that is dedicated to supporting ag-friendly candidates.

The Washington Wheat PAC pledges to promote and support elected officials from all parts of the state that positively influence agriculture and specifically, wheat farming practices of Washington.

Why Support the Washington Wheat PAC?

Washington is losing ground! The ability to protect our interests is slowly dwindling. Washington wheat producers need elected officials who know and understand the industry. Without these relationships our ability to remain competitive is at risk.

During the legislative session, thousands of bills are introduced; many not favorable to farming. Now is the time for the industry to join together and proactively influence legislation that directly impacts the Washington wheat producer.

Please join our efforts by financially supporting the Washington Wheat PAC.   Your contribution will strengthen the network of elected officials who understand the wheat industry’s goals and objectives by fighting for what is critical to the livelihood of our members.

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When you make a donation to the Washington Wheat PAC, you are investing in the future of agriculture in Washington State.
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